Approach and Work

David is currently developing a modern, clown fairy tale as well as a film starring himself and Bill Irwin, inspired by David’s love of all the early, great clowns. David is also a regular contributor to the Theaterakademie August Everding in Munich, Germany, and teaches workshops internationally.

“My workshop approach is based on developing the talent of young actors who wish to learn the art of clowning and for actors who wish to further develop their skills. I believe that the character of the clown possesses all of the fundamental tools one needs  to achieve a powerful and compelling performance. The clown possesses two diametrically opposing forces, joy and sorrow, and only through the integration of these two forces can the performer achieve what I call the “Super Nova.” This is the ability to fearlessly access all of the emotions that make up our shared humanity.

“My work is twofold. One, teaching the basic principles of storytelling without words. This would include pantomime techniques, timing, improvisation, rhythm, movement (filling the space), point fix, dance and breath control.

Two, the work of accessing deep emotions through movement and sound, something I call the “Samurai.”

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